• We have such great pleasure working with Jack finding our dream home. Jack is very attentive and really listen and understanding what’s most important for us in finding our home. He spent the time and put in effort to find the home that fit our needs. With current market not fully change to buyers’ market, sellers are still very firm on the price that want which make it difficult to negotiate. It’s very easy to help buyers and push the price up close to the point of seller want, but Jack really stood by our side and not rush us. With his experience and research, Jack really take time and put in efforts to find our home and negotiate reasonable deal for us. Jack always have our best interests in mind in negotiation throughout the process. He’s able to keep sellers’ interest in negotiation and able to find reasonable deal for both sellers and buyers. Jack also able to negotiate with sellers in making sure any major defects is fully cover by sellers to make sure our dream home is safe. Jack is able to find 95% of our dream home, unless I win lotto max, then Jack can easily find 100% dream home, but as a Canadian working class and crazy Vancouver market, Jack is able to find our dream home, this is an awesome job well done. Greatly appreciate your effort and thank you for standing on our side along the way! Chuck & Andy

    - Chuck & Andy
  • Jack is not only my realtor and go to real estate professional, but friend for many years. When I first started speaking about my family moving in to a bigger home he was readily there to provide his expertise and educate me on the dynamics of the real estate market. He became the best choice for myself and family to go to when we were ready to both sell our home, and shop for a new one. He was patient and understanding with my family as it was an important and nerve-racking transition. He listened to our concerns, and mediated our issues. He was always ready to pick up the phone and speak with me, and promptly found the answers that I needed. Through our lengthy transition into our beautiful new home, Jack had been there as if he were holding our hand. I appreciate the tentativeness that he gave us, and his diligence as a professional is bar none. I wish you all the best Jack!

    - Jeff L
  • Jack is a really hardworking Realtor who helped me buy my first home! I was able to get a place within 2-3 weeks, which is really fast especially during the April/May season. I had so many questions and uncertainties since it was my first home, but Jack was able to easily break it down for me and my family to understand all the options that were presented. With my home having 18 different offers, Jack did a great job with connecting with the listing agent to help finalize my offer. Thank you Jack for all the hard work, dedication and promptly responding to my questions!

    - Oscar K